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If you do not agree to receive the email newsletter, SMS or push notifications, please do the following steps listed below.


Click the unsubscribe link in the email, go to the Unsubscribe page and click the Unsubscribe button.


If you don’t want to receive SMS, click the Unsubscribe link in the SMS or send an message with “I want to unsubscribe” subject to https://push.a2tag.com/#contact or click the Unsubscribe button in SMS message

Push notifications

If you have Windows or Linux OS, you can simply right-click on the notification and block further notifications from a particular site. Else, you can go to Chrome Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Content Settings (within Privacy Settings) -> Notifications -> Manage Exceptions. Here you’ll get a list of all websites from which you’ve enabled notifications, and you can choose to block any particular website from sending you further notifications.

Go to Options -> select the Privacy & Security panel and scroll down to the Permissions section -> click the Settings button next to Notifications -> select the website -> click Remove Website.

Go to Opera -> Preferences (Mac)/ Settings (Windows) -> go to the Websites tab and scroll down to the Notifications section -> click the Manage Exceptions button to see the sites whose notification permissions you’ve already allowed or denied.

If you can’t unsubscribe using a guide above or having other issues with our service – https://push.a2tag.com/#contact

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